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...I wish you good luck with your new chapter in Shanghai. Thank you for your patience and guidance in class. I will miss you. - Beth (Singapore)

...Thank you for your warmth and care. I feel very nurtured in your class. - Kay (Singapore)

...Thank you for sharing Raja yoga classes and workshop with us. You make our yoga shala special. And thank you to your Teachers who share their knowledge and wisdom with you. I believe we will meet again in good time. -Cecelia (Shanghai)

...from a personal point of view, I shall be sad to see you leave Shanghai. I really enjoyed spending time with you in your yoga class. You will be missed. - Val (Shanghai)

...I'm sorry you're leaving Shanghai. Your teaching style is so encouraging and so inspiring. I will miss you, Chrys. - Cathy (Shanghai)

...Wow, you're moving to Singapore. I'm excited for you but sad to know that I will miss your classes. I feel you understand old bodies and I'm cared for in the class. I'm not sure if I could find another class as good as yours. - Pam (Shanghai)

...You set the bar too high, Chrys! I'm not saying this because we're friends. After you left I went to other places and I'm disappointed. It's like a workout. There is no explanation of what we're doing, no adjustments, let alone notes. I still keep your notes and practice at home. But I miss the deep content that you shared...- Cheryl (Paris)

...I very much appreciate the yoga lessons I received from you. Your softness and gentleness. May your path be blessed and may you find completeness in this life. - Sandrine (Paris)

...I'm recommending you to my best friend. I told her how much your yoga classes helped me during my challenging times. I received much clarity and contentment from attending your classes. - Juliette (Paris)